Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sometimes the market leaves me speachless.  When I have said everything I can think of, I like to leave it.  Last summer I called the top on the DXY all over ZH.  I pinpointed the day the DXY would touch DXY 81 2 months out, and I shut up and watched.  Sometimes when things are going your way, it is best to sit back and relax.

I am getting that feeling now.  The MSM is about all their lies in a way they have never been.  The AZ shooting is warping their rhetoric around their necks like an Anaconda.  Politics in America is dead.  Time to sit back and watch the chickens run without their heads.

And these are the people pimping the dollar, or rather, propping it up.  The fiat lie is the rgeatest lie ever told, and it is unwrapping itself infront of them majically.  Without their stones, the alchemers are left in the cold.  But it was a bag of tricks, those stones, and they were too heavy a weight to carry so far.

Life is such an epic journey that most people never get started.  Most unfortunately are either never given the chance, or never take it.  Oppurtunity is a gift, but realizing that the light is there for anyone to take is that second step.  After that, it is all fun. 

The Trinity have left their captures in the dungeon.  They are running to us.  We will help them escape.  It is time.

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