Monday, January 10, 2011

Liberal Smear Campaign

The Neo Democratic party was founded by Averill Harriman.  His first wife, Kitty, was the biggest fund raiser for the party in the roaring '20's.  His second wife was Marie Norton Vanderbilt Whitney, a notable socialite. The party has been the left hand of the Hegelian dialectic used by the Scull and Bonesmen of the 20th Century to facilitate a debate bound by paradigm.  The paradigm is used and abused by both sides of the political discourse.

It is the Dems who appeal to many class ideologues such as socialism and general welfare.  Socialism would not be a bad idea, except that it is funded on the back of a fiat ponzi system.  They are who were taught in college that because the Republicans are bad, the Democrats are good.  This is a strawman arguement.  Both parties have similar ideologies.  Both fund wars absolutely equally (Howard Zinn wrote the Democrats have outspent the Republicans since WWII).  The main difference is economics.

Both sides are used to push terror, and it only depends on what the problem was.  One side is always against something, and together they form a pincher movement on equal rights.  The paradigm must be ended in order to create a true debate, but until then, it will be the bound dialectic.

If the liberal smear campaign comes out for gun control after the AZ shooting they will be reminded that the Congresswoman was a staunch advocate of gun rights.  Politics is usually like watching a child's attempt at an issue.  The left and the right will probably blow any opportunity that this tragedy can afford.  No one will be surprised at the crazy things that can come of US politics.

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