Monday, January 3, 2011

The Apple does not fall far from the Tree

If the oilgarchs of the world are to be judged as the role models of society, then they have instilled meager values upon it.  This is a fair assessment;  the world which was financed by the oilgarchs resembles them.  Let us examine the world and see if this fits.

The oilgarchs care not about the environment.  They view it as a resource machine.  They see the trees as tall dollar bills.  They see the rivers as power generators.  They see the coal not as an aquifer but as a disposable good.  Now this is what many people view nature as as well.  A way to a means.

Now let us examine culture.  What do we hear about Bohemian Grove?  Rumor has it that for many of the attendees the ritual rite is highly sexual, and very vulgar.  I would say that current pop culture is such.  I do not want to sound like a ninny, what I would like to point to is a lack of class.  I think our society lacks class and so do the filthy rich debutantes.

War is very prominent in 1st World culture.  America has been at war for the best part of its entire existence.  War permeates the American vibe like it or not.  Because Americans support this culture it becomes them.  It is embedded into its psyche.  Americans worship war like sports such as football in more ways than violence.  As the soldiers play for victory, cheerleaders do war dances while they watch, bands play and wave their flags.  America is war, and so are the oilgarchs .  They have been the ones who have swamped the masses in fearful memos, leaving people feeling a need for protection.

So like Newton learned, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Maybe there will be a Johnny Appleseed idea that plants the seed of culture far from the oilgarchs ruin.  Until then, be aware that idols will be placed proportionally to the oilgarchs ability to distinguish what is accepted as reality, and what will actually be.  The oilgarchs think society will let them maintain all the wealth by rationing goods.  It is up to us to say we know best for ourselves and to become our own worldly model.

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