Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gold is handing Bernanke his Papers

 The year:  2012

A HDTV hangs behind plexiglass at a bar.  The room is dimly but fluorescently lit.  The keep leans against a baseball bat as he watches the screen flicker.  The news is playing.  A sharp dressed but only moderately literate male announcer comes on:

"Gold has topped at $5500.  I think the Central Banks now have inflation under control...."

A man sits at the bar nursing a beer.  He looks up at the screen.  A skinny woman in a pink and purple dress admits from a well cushioned chair:

"The price of gold had not changed since the World Bank and IMF decided to loan money to the global governments.  The price increase came out of nowhere, I mean 50% gain yesterday, and then again today, but I guess it is good for the banking system.  And what is good for the banking system..."

Her corrispodant chimes in:

"After the Europe contagion combined with America's Muni Madness to form the mother of all debt and currency crisisese, the world had to do something."

She blushes:

"The only option was for the IMF and World Bank to step in, and they wanted gold."

"They wanted gold and the central banks had gold to loan.  The new system basically pays for itself."

"The old fiat system was a weight on the world.  The Bernanke era will be remembered as not understanding the fundamentals of monie."


He looks down at his beer.  He can not remember the last time he drank one.  The only beer he had at the POW camp was after he had killed his captures and eaten their lunches, and it took him 4 months to get out of the Vietnamese jungle. 

"The UN has stepped in for boarder control on the US Mexico boarder.  Thus US troops have their hands full in the Middle Kingdom,"

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