Friday, January 21, 2011

Dollar Rolls over, Dies

The dollar is flat on its back, and down for the count.  A civilaized person would only continue fighting if it regained its standing, yet the fight continues.  Bernanke wants a weaker dollar, but does he know the dollar is nearly dead?  He does, Sarkozy does, Zoelick does, Greenspan and on and on.  The world knows the dollar is done, do you?

The arguement, fiat vs. fiat is inately a strawman.  Comapring horses at the glue factory has never won any races, nor bets on any races.  All fiat is doomed, and the tell is on the dollar's face.

Fiat money has no collateral, except the gold that lines the Central Bank vaults.  What will happen when the debt is crushed by the renigging of obligations?  Well there is always another day.  Prepare accordingly.

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