Monday, January 10, 2011


Tonight will see the Trinity consolidate on its 3 day average.  They will cascade overnight and will track just above Friday morning of last week.  Gold will open up on NY at $1365.  I think tomorrow will be a big day in all the markets.  Lots of acquisitions, and still many problems for the finance world.  Prudhoe bay pipleline is leaking, the Maul of the Gaul is leaving Europe is broke.  Nothing looks good for anything, except real monie.  Tomorrow should be a big signal as to how everyones plans will fruit.

The metals will consolidate by the Yuan strengthening.  It has not strengthened firmly for a week, and is now testing resistance.  If the Yuan pulls out, and the dollar weakens, the market could be shaken hard.  It would have the Trinity and oil moving higher and the dollar moving lower, back to the 78 range.  This would then put gold at $1420.  Then any shakedown from there could tip the scale and platinum could run to $2200.  Oil will ride the wave as well.

Oil will consolidate to $89 tonight on this wave of change.  Tomorrow could see oil break its $90 resistence level.  All of the main players are testing important levels.  A lot of it has to do with the ebb and flow of the yuan vs. the dollar since June.  It has become an honest relationship, the yuan vs. the dollar.  Tells about the market are produced by what happens there.  Tomorrow could be the day the dominoes are triggered.  I think it will be.

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