Monday, January 3, 2011

How much longer will it go?

With a rumor that Spain will be accredited by China as they had  done with Greece months ago, the end of the FIAT ponzi must be in sight.  Europe is falling apart at the bit, and Spain is comparable to California.  If China were to buy California the pitch forks would be bought and brought.  Maybe for some it would seem it is good for China to buy Greek bonds, I do not.  It is like selling new debt for monie issued only several months before because they are buying on the short end of the curve, just as everyone is.

The US is monetizing debt within the first months of them being bought.  Surely China is fairly focused on the short term of the spread.  Only Bill Gross would be disappointed.  Hopefully for him he goes long Citi with his new equity fund he remembers to IPO facebook.

I also hope the public of the 1st World all find the dollars to put together the greatest IPO ever.  Then they will no longer to set record bankruptcy year over year since the enslavement shackles were bestowed on the debters.  The race between public and private debt over hang is on.  If the public loses it, they will lose it.  If the US government loses, there will be a FIAT crisis.  Which ever is up to fate.

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