Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Biggest lie ever Sold

The Alchemist's lie is that monie can be created out of nothing, and be backed by nothing but an IOU.  They tried and tried by slaving over mercury for millennium to create gold from nothing.  They have never been successful, but did trick everyone into thinking they achieved their goal.  It was the greatest trick ever played on humanity.

It was this lie that separated the first world from the third world to its now unprecedented proportions.  Before fiat monie, the first world had a leg up because of the first world's immaculate education program.  Education was what makes Manifest Destiny a decent act.  It is the only thing, as the school houses that lined America may have been they only good that came from the sacking of the land.  After that, from 1913 on, it was only the established privilege that separated the 'worlds'.  If it had not been for the dollar, and the advantage the US had after WWII, the world would have been much flatter.

Education is what separated America from its government.  The government favored war, and although the people did not stand in the way, their education kept them cultured.  That culture is long gone now.  It was replaced by consumerism.  Consumerism relies on free credit, and easy monie.  Free credit ends with a peak production in oil, because oil is credit and the lifeblood of the economy.  Easy monie ends when fiat is revealed for the lie it is.  These two things will be dominoes next to each other in the grand scheme of things.

People are innately empathetic, but they are also opportunistic.  This cognitive dissonance rings hallow for some, and the tremble is enough to keep some straight.  For others, freedom of choice is such an exciting experience that they forget one's actions always correlates directly into the society.  Cultures that were once built on people's inherent memes are now shaken into subservient behavior.  The greed extends into consumerism.  Consumerism was sold on free monie.  It created the frenzy we see today that leaves many people helpless to their own fate.  Either we walk away from this or we grip it until our culture's death.

Free monie is a lie, because someone always pays for it.  The dollar affords cheap oil and consumer goods.  How does this happen?  China has low living standards.  If they did not, then there would be no first world.  There must be a 3rd world for the first world to exist, at least, the way it does today.  The playing field could be evened out because the monie that is concentrated in the hands of a select few could create a wealth effect if it was let out of the bag.

It is not about redistributing wealth, but about what is fair.  There is enough food produced to feed everyone, but not everyone gets fed.  That is a travesty.  Not everyone needs a TV, so there is a limit.  The next wave of humanity is best to understand what is important for everyone, including self.  If someone had the choice to feed the hungry, or have an iphone, that choice should be obvious.  That choice may present itself very soon.  Hopefully there are no wars fought over the consumer way of life.  That would be tragic.

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