Monday, January 10, 2011

Silver and Oil

Silver and oil have a history of tracking each other.  Up until the Hunt brothers cornering gold's sister metal, oil was to silver 3:1.  The relationship has not stayed constant, but remember silver has had its price manipulated.  What would silver have done when oil was $147 a barrel if the shorts had not been on?  If the silver shorts get blown out due to a squeeze on physical, then oil could catapult up.  Also, when oil production peaks, which it will in the next few months/years, then silver will also go atmospheric.  Nothing stands in the way commodities trade.  They trade for real monie.  Always have, and always will.

The oil spill has the corporations losing equity similar to the GOM oil spill.  This time oil spot goes higher.  So the corporations are not only taking profit but the industry will buy back in at a lower price.  Oil Majors are set to benefit soon from oil at $100-$200.  They are banking on it.

As the oil fiasco (which I think was done purposefully) takes oil majors lower, silver corporations gain.  The money between oil and silver sloshes like water in a tub.  It stays in the tub but moves from side to side.  With the massive volatility in the market, the commodities and real monies are drowning fiat.

The dollar is weak after the news Brasil wants a trade war.  The US only exports dollars, and paper Vs. the world will be like Mike Tyson fights.  The dollar does not have a chance to deal with real exports.  It will be best if the dollar changes policy, but with MUNIs discussing tax increases of 75%, the policy change will be tight.  There is not much room for maneuverability for the governments.  They are in a corner.  Not a great place to be when the rest of the world wants wars.

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