Monday, January 3, 2011

Facebook runs to the Bank

Facebook is now able to fund themselves on Goldman Sach's dime and this should leave all other "sharing" corporations in the dust, if they were not already.  I am not sure what it is about facebook that is so exciting for everyone else, as I do not find it appealing, but whatever it is, it is going to change the world even further than it has, if you can imagine that.  Imagine parks where no one looks at the trees but only at their laptops.  Imagine people not leaving their houses, but only farm on facebook.  Well, once oil hits $200 per barrel, which it looks to do in the next year, this will be the case.  America will become a place where no one leaves their homes, where food is rationed and so is oil.  Facebook may be one of the only glimmers of hope for a culture starved of real entertainment.

As America dresses for work only to sit in front of a Cisco home operating network, the world will wonder just how the system is functioning.  America will say, "We are still productive, without leaving our homes."  The dollar at that point will have fused with facebook/goldman sach's fun bux.  By then, it will be only corporate equity supporting the American Dream.  That and facebook farmville.

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  1. Mr. LH:

    Sad but true man!

    Keep the faith.