Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bank on the News

Banking and finance was all the news today.  Sarkozy asked for G 20 standards on his best friend Obama's dollar, which means the global income tax can usher in the SDR backed bancor.  JPM will raise their dividend as Dimon sells the brand like JPM is a used car.  The rush of mergers and acquisitions had Wall Street in a frenzy.  Geo-policy is shaping up right now quickly and quietly, yet America is dealing with another crisis.  Focus is skewed by the green colored glasses made at the POMO Operations headcourtiers.  The amount still being worn by the members of society is changing daily.  The crisis'es are creating a whirlwind of Karma.

The connotation of the G 20 request by Sarkozy will lead to the 1st World being taxed like the 3rd World is.  After a country declares bankruptcy the IMF and World Bank step in and propose loans.  The loans are made with commodities and resources of the State as collateral.  If there is another bankruptcy then the IMF taxes the State heavily.  In the US' case, the chief export is the dollar, so that is what will be taxed.  It will be an income tax, a VAT tax on the dollar.

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