Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Gold to start the last Run

Gold is hunting the dollar and all FIAT.  Like a tired animal, the dollar has fled for tens of miles.  Gold being a predominant hunter of finance has tracked it all the way.  Soon the hunt will be over, FIAT's throat will be slashed, and the blood of the dollar will run down gold's throat. 

We will retest $1395 in the next week or two.  I am not sure if it will be out of the gate.  Gold could move to $1440 to start the year.  Then in the second week of January I think gold will test its second support level which is at $1395. Then of course it will be off to the races as gold will look to route all Central Banks and their FIAT debt/credit ponzi scheme.  Mid to late January there will be a move that has gold break $1440 will finish hundreds of dollars higher heading into February.  At $1650 all bets are off, and moves that happen hundreds of dollars could pour in.  It will be likely to see $2200 by the spring equinox.

If gold makes this move, and stock equity growth rises at the same pace as it has this year, all while FIAT loses water, what will the world think?  At that point there will most likely be a huge rush into precious metals.  The end of the year will be when people realize they want to hold their own physical.  By the end of the year, gold could be worth $5000 per ounce.

Trading ranges are always in flux.  Never think that a range is set, and that it will hold, but watch for it to do both.

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