Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It better rain Monie

Bernanke better remember that he is going to throw monie from the sky.  I would get those choppers ready now.  Whitney the White Witch is standing by her Muni Madness claim of devastation on bond holders.  Bernenke will pay her out too?  All the while the bankers rejoice.  Dimon is convinced he is ready for the recovery.

 It takes monie to make money and Gross like dimon must invest somewhere.  He is sticking with brand America and will have nothing to do with debt from Port deGaul.  The European ponzi should fear not however, as Asia would like to have a piece of the West.  The players of the paradigm are like vulture.  They can not prey upon anything and must wait their turn.  China buys Europe, then Bernanke buys America.  Gross buys America, and Japan buys Portdegaul.  The debt may be changing hands, but it only in a circle.  The deflation side of the game is like musical chairs.  The inflation is a rule whhere the players are lit on fire.  That is why gold is so strong.  It can not be burned up.  That is why gold will be in the chair to finish the game.

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