Friday, January 14, 2011

Oil Checks

Oil checked today, as in chess, not poker.  Your turn Bernanke.  Look at today's oil graph.  You can find it on  See that move?  I call that the checkmark, looks like a checkmark.  It is one of the most bullish moves.  Oil looks ready to fly.  Check to you, Bernanke.

If Bernanke does not go on TV tonight and admit he used the wrong policy, that would not even help.  Really, what happens next is that Bernanke does some stupid move, and platinum check mates him.  Platinum made one of its classic moves during the last week.  It moved from $1700 to $1800 in the quiet of the night.  Aparently no one noticed.  Everyone was talking about gold and silver's losses instead.  Unbelievable.  Platinum hands the market their collective, and no one notices.

The ducks are lined up.  The four horseman, which is the Trinity and oil, are on the cusp of ending the Keynsian nightmare.  I think platinum's run will start now, and the other three will follow.  Together the four will average a 20% gain over the next couple months, and nothing stands in the way.  If people can no longer pay for food, how could they pay for gold?  If people can not pay for water, how could they pay for platinum?

I am upset that the CFTC is still under the House of John Pierpont Morgan's thumb, but it will be their loss.  I say let the common gold bug gather ounces as long as possible.  When COMEX fails delivery, it will be worth the pains that have been the up and down (and low) gold price.  For all those people holding hundreds of thousand of dollars of paper gold, there will be a person with one ounce.  Ask yourself when it all falls down, who will inherit the earth?  It comes down to who can stop the four horsemen.  We can stop them and use them for our gain.  Bernanke wnats to use them against us.  The four are not cognitive of their actions, they only do what they are told.  Tell them they are on your side, and buy them the gift of being owned by someone who does not manipulate them.

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  1. I was at dinner the other day with some co-workers and the subject of the markets and investing came up. After everyone shared their piece, I mentioned the idea of "investing" in gold. A seemingly intelligent woman responded, 'Too bad we can't buy gold anymore - it's too expensive.' I replied that as long as you can buy it, it's not too expensive. That comment was lost on all at the table. That seems a good example of the difference between "us" and "them".

    Yet, I believe, in the end we are all one and mankind can live in a world without money.

    But that day ain't comin' soon and until then, the "goldbugs" will be proven right. It's just a matter of time. The Trinity Mr LH references is quite real!