Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who is Obama?

This freeze will require painful cuts.
Says Obama towards the end of his third State of the Union speech.  But what about the presents?  He says America needs to perform as the Comeback Kid while facing its blood letting on the alter of globalism.

The speech has a very "new world" order rhetoric.  The seech is also very worrying, except that corporate America is still intact.  It gives a sound of desperation.  It sounds like he is selling something.  Why are we trying to sell America?  Has it become a buyers market or what?

Also remember when he says "us" and "we" he is refering to his own people.  He is talking to the leaders of business, the other politicians, and oilgarchs alike.  He is not talking about Americans.  What does he have in common with Americans?  There are only differences, and he jokes about these.  Does Obama get patted down?  Niup.

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