Friday, January 28, 2011

Holler Dollar

We could write a heartbreaking story about the star crossed dollar.  She is ushered in amongst fan fair, but boos and hisses as well.  She is used and abused like a Hollywood Starlet for the most of the 20th Century, and then when everything looks ok, she can not handle the fame.  The struggle she has endured has put the weight of the world on her shoulders since '08 and it is not fair.  Leave the dollar alone!

And I do feel bad.  I feel bad that people do not see she is just like all the other pretty fiat.  She sparkles and shines, but just like any thing.  She is not the spectacular thing that she was talked up to be.  More than anything she got lucky.  It is time to take the pressure off of her and let her retire.

It will be a better place if we do.  Fiat has created more problems than it is worth.  These debts are never to be paid, and why should we pretend?  We ask too much of the dollar, she was a pop star diva and nothing more.  She never asked for this.

So to leave the dollar along is best.  Send her flowers and condolences, but do not cry for her.  She has shed enough tears for all of us.  It is time to say goodbye and walk away.


  1. As I’ve gained a better understanding of things over the past year – and especially over the past few months – I’ve come to appreciate more the simple brilliance of the Nassim Taleb quote – “I trust people who make a living lying down or standing up more than those who do so sitting down”. There is little doubt that those who make a living lying down or standing up are far less trapped in all this bullshit than the sitting down crowd. I know this b/c I make my living sitting down, and for a good chunk of my life was not trustworthy; I was (at least partially) entrapped by this system.

    That said, all anyone who has an understanding of things can do is try to hedge themselves/their families and serve as a good example for others. (Quick hint: PM’s are a decent hedge.) That is all I am trying to do. And for whatever reason Mr. LH has decided to share on the internet, I appreciate it. You have been an inadvertent inspiration to me, dude! I won’t say it anymore, but thanks again, LH, for sharing what you have. This is a great blog.

  2. Thanks Scooter-and you can say it as much as you wan!


  3. To Mr. LH - cool. I appreciate it, dude.

    I just finished reading Cognitive Dissonance's great piece on the ZH legends, and the entertaining/enlightening discussion that followed. There have been a lot of great minds and souls that have passed through that site, many of whom had a positive influence on me. The two of you are at the top of that list.