Thursday, January 13, 2011

Netflix to be Aquired in '11

It is just a theory but I think a tech giant will scoop Netflix up during 2011.  The only company that would not need to is Apple.  Apple TV has a brand that can compete with Netflix.  There are two corporations that currently work with Netflix and they may wish to own them outright.  Those companies are Microsoft and Comcast.  Comcast helps deliver Netflix on cable, and Microsoft uses thier device the X Box to stream Netflix online.  Both corporations may wish to use the movie giant to their advavnatge.

I could also see the entertainment giant Disney buy Netflix.  I think Disney is in the need for a new way to get their media to its audience.  GE is rumored to want to sell NBC, and they could use some of their excess cash to keep their foot in entertainment.  Other companies such as Sony and Nintendo could also try to make a move.

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