Monday, January 31, 2011


These are the five things I watch.  Right now nothing is more exciting.  The dollar is falling off of a cliff and taking everything with it.  The trade that has oil not knowing which way to go is also on a weak Yuan.  What is going on, people?

Weak dollar with a weak remains weak and at the bottom of its recent range....silver is capitulating...oil has gotten out ahead....platinum is banging on the $1800 resistance level, a level that will break abruptly, catapulting the price straight to $2300.

Every time the dollar gets a spike, gold moves to the upside.  This trade is most likely blowing everyone away.  Where is the big money going?  Corporate equity?  Maybe Bernanke is shorting volatility.

When will the move happen?  Well, the protests have gone global, and this might be the turning of the Keynesian system inside out.

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