Thursday, January 20, 2011


Some things in life trigger response.  Death, birth, injury, ecstasy, and language.  From the sound of a baby's coo, to the baby's mother's response, to a poem being read by a belligerent bohemian, words matter.  Word is the closest we can get to express our truths, even though we merely perceive them through a veil, and the truth will set us free.

Certain words and phrases resonate inside us.  When the outside talks the inside responds.  Our minds and hearts vibrate together in a remembrance of our past.  We experience all of life in that moment.  Then we try to register its meaning.  Between this is experience.

Happiness and sadness can come from these experiences whether we like it or not.  We have no allegiance to any words in particular and that is how it is the past experiences that guides our hearts over our minds so to catch the meanings.

So when I heard FTD BTFPM I couldn't stop smiling.  Still can't.  Something about the urgent yet stoic nature.  In this time of gubertorial theft and deciete, the truth rings loud and clear.  FTD, because who cares about what the dictated price is.  BTFPM, because what else is there.


  1. It is an amazing moment in History, for we are witnessing the decoupling of the Physical from the Paper. Those who have the Faith have never lost sight of the goal. The time is coming.. soon... when that which is Paper shall be burned in the fire, and that which is physical metal shall be REFINED. It is but a moment in time, but all the more MOMENTOUS. It will be as the separating of the chaff from the wheat... the chaff is in greater abundance, but of a lesser value. Never lose sight of the Horizon, for many landfalls shall obscure the ultimate objective, however those who persevere shall reach the Promised Land.