Saturday, January 15, 2011

The last corporate Takeover

Many moons ago a small group of men thought up the ieda that corporations could exist unbound of common laws.  These men wanted their deeds to go unknown unless they said so.  They were tired of common folk telling them what they could not do.

The plan had many stages.  The first was to establish a law that earned them the right of citizen.  Then after the bank run started by the House of John Pierpont Morgan began the Federal Reserve Bank.  By starting wars they generated revenue and broadened technology.  Now that oil reserves, the lifeblood of the economy, are being fried up, the corporations will mae one last move to gain total conrtrol over the economy.  They will do it to finally and officially destroy the world governments (after they had destroyed their respected industries).  Soon the world will be leveled off and instead of first and third world nations, ther will be only the rich of the world and the poor.  Those running the corporations will be the rich.

In the confusion the broke nations would need the corporations to restore the old world.  The corporations would hire and pay workers to rework the networks.  The destruction of the past would create the oppurtunity for the future.

But this is not needed.  The corporations are not what holds power.  People hold power, and once realized then we will remake this world in our image.  The image of a coproration does not reflect humanity.  Humanity reflects nature, and we must restore the balance of life.

The PPT will try to keep the field just from tipping over, until it tips over.  We must stand and fight and ask for the water to be poured from the piture and into our mouths.  Knowledge is only the first step, the second is action.

The actiom ust be cordinated, and it must be cordinated against the corporations.  They all must be boycotted.  Everything we do must change.  If we can keep the corporations at bay long enough, we will be able to keep our villages.  Otherwise it is not a global village we face, but a corporate one.


  1. What else can one say to this? It's kinda 100% dead-on.

    That said, I don't get the "-PPT" reference.

  2. So boycotting Wal-Mart will foil the plots of the banks and restore oil supplies? I think you're missing a paragraph or two in your opinion column.

  3. Good question, Bro D. But wal-mart damn near sits atop this pyramid. Your question is basically an apples/oranges one.

  4. Sorry about that I will wrap it up now.