Monday, January 31, 2011

Bankster Bonuses

Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein do not care what their respective bank equity is.  Their job is to short gold and silver, and help the Fed roll debt forward.  They pick up their checks along the way.  The system of proxy runs deep at every level.

Wall Street and Washington are playing kick the can down the road long into the night.  They will play as long as they have to in order to keep the system up.  Along the way, the banksters place private long term bets as to hedge their bets for the coming fiat devaluation, but they earn cash bonuses, and they earn their bonuses on performance that has little to do with their corporate equity.

They do however invest in other corporate equity.  This is one of the ways to diversify out of the dollar, and the sneakiest.  This gives them the opportunity to tout recovery while the economy flails about.  There will be a time when the flailing stops because of a flatline.

The trades are moving in one direction now, steadily but surely.  Will there be a pull back after an up leg?  There always is, but really, there will not be many more dips to buy.  Tonight gold looks strongest, the dollar looks weakest, and silver and oil are solidifying their gains.  Platinum wants to make a clean break to its all time nominal highs.  It will not be too long before it does so.

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