Monday, January 3, 2011

Ecology and Society

When Europe's currency crashed last spring it was partly because of the Icelandic volcano.  Today floods have Australia stranded economically.  Mines are shutting down all over the continent country and this could cripple industry.  The effect would stretch across the Asian region and could cause havoc for the rest of the world.  China needs coal from Australia and if they do not get it their infrastructure could shut down.  The respective currencies could weaken and drive prices all which ways.  Any panic could lead to dumping massive amounts of currency.  Most likely this will pan gold more than anything.

Economics is ever revolving.  It is never static due to nature's force upon it.  People are at the whim of the sea.  The boat needs to be trusted.  In these times the only trust one can have is on what one knows.  Deep down everyone knows what monie and wealth really is.  This is the ecology of society.

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