Monday, January 17, 2011

How China paralells Constantine's Roma

Constantine had massed his troops on the outskirts of Roma.  His army was the biggest and best trained in the world.  Constantine was there for one purpose.  To conquer Rome.

Common history tells us that he saw God, and painted his shield accordingly.  This is the story, but there is more.  The first thing Constantine did was walk into the Treasurie of Roma and tell the Priest Class that he knew their secret.  The secret was there was no gold in the Treasurie, no silver.  He said that the priests had two choices.  Either he would kill them and take their country, or he would let them stay as the priest class.  They chose the latter, and together, they sculpted Christianity.

Today Hu the President of China will come to America, which he owns a great deal of.  He is concerned about his investment, as any investor is.  He will check and make sure it is working.  Or maybe he will tell the US Treasurie what Constantine told Rome.  I know you are bankrupt, so I want to help write the new charter.

He has said that the dollar's time as world reserve currencie is nearly finished.  He said the Yuan could replace it soon.  It is not the first time China has hinted this policy, but this time it is not an ironic statement.  This time he is marching into his debter and giving orders.

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