Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Sis Is

Part of the American society has become totally disconnected from its culture.  The culture was unplugged when TV was plugged into the free time.  TV fractured the family by taking the important hours of mealtime conversation away.  and upon this commitment to not communicate each position of the family was compartmentalized.  Man, woman, child, other family, friend.  Each position became amazingly separate.  Then while everyone has their own room and become 'themselves' the separation continues until men nurse beers at bars alone until they die.

People have become so disconnected it is not only children who play video games.  Boomer woman are the number one farmville players.  How many 20 somethings have at least one video game they play religiously?  Almost all of them.  Gossip media has all the heads of humanity wondering who is with who, and who is going to break up.  Friends become surreal as Kim Kardashion is known better than most sisters.  People also distort themselves to act like those on screen.  The whole point of life search is taken and in its place another plot sold.

Over the past several years the big brothers and sisters have made their mission statement.  Everyone is to watch everyone else.  We need to make sure the terror is searched and found.  The paradigm of fear has been installed.   Ironically there is room for any person in any position, and this is why people feel free.  Do you dress like a butch lesbian?  Well if you wish to you may watch America's Next Top Model.  Are you a bald short gay man?  Well you are welcome to root for your local sports team// Are you a frat boy?  Go ahead and experiment with your brothers.  Like I said, everybody can try to be anyone they wish.  This is the freedom of today.


  1. Very insightful , guess i've never seen that take on the way TV compartmentalized us.Very nice article thanx..