Monday, January 31, 2011

The Slaughter House

The house of pain, says James "the Clown" Cramer, is what we have entered.  Ford and other companies like Intel have been slaughtered by earnings.  Wall Street seems to have set the bar too high for the "recovery".  Major corporations are struggling at the margin, this after they have cut their entire work force.  Corporations were supposed to be the last safe haven.

Governments in North Africa are falling.  Babylon is falling.  What will the Kings of Babylon do?  Will they let it fall, or will they try to hold it up?  Most likely, the elite herd will be split in two.  Some have already gone.  Others stay like parched preachers.  Waiting for their redemption.

Yet some corporations are dominating the economic landscape.  The world has become Mordor, and corporations the all seeing eye.  The combination of oil majors as the blood, banks as the brains, and industry as the heart, the body of the dark lord has risen.  He will shed meaningless corporations like corpses falling out of a war ambulance. 

With the right as an individual corporations take the baton from governments.  Soon corporations will be the governments.  Soon the CEOs will fund the school system, health care system, and all systems.  It will be a "partnership" with the people.  Soon corporations will rule the world.  Or they won't because people asked for their rights back.

Giving corporations sovereign rights is like giving rights to a robot.  Is a robot a person?  So why should we treat it like one.  When science fiction becomes reality and we have to question robotic behavior patterns we will, but until then it is moot because it is so far into the future.  As for now the robots are corporations fed by algo machines from hell that are destroying the economy.  The first move should be to stop Keynesian policy.  The next should be to ratify the corporate agreement.

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