Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Assange Covers Up

Assange has stated that his "bank docs" will not release any new information.  Is anyone surprised?  It is not for a lack of evidence, but a stealth and underhand move by the CIA asset.  It was all he had going for his operation too, by the way.

We have known since last year that the House of Saud was no longer the swing producer.  We had known the dogs of war fought mercilessly on the battle fields of Iraq.  He had known the world hates Hillary Clinton.  Nothing wikileaks had done up until the bank docs has been of any significance.

I admit to shedding a tear not only for those shot, but the troops shooting.  It is a horrible thing that Americans pledge to war when it is their own government running both sides of the Chessboard.  Wikileaks may continue to show the US War Machine for what it is; a total monster.

The matter is not what do they have, but what do we have.  We have all the fraud, we must act on that knowledge.  It will take people in the street like Egypt.  Hey, you think the rest of the world is trying to tell America something?

The question is not what do the bank docs contain, but how will the Major Banks react to the "news".  They may slash their equity if the documents mean a scandal, such as a mortgage meltdown if the bank does indeed to be Bank of America.  Wells Fargo also has exposure to the housing market.  If the doc suggests that the silver market is manipulated, another non sequitur, the House of John Pierpont Morgan may crumble.  In other words, there may be a reaction to the "news".

Or maybe it will be a non event, and equities will trade higher on the lack of surprise.  There really is not much time left to line up the corporations.  Oil will peak production soon.  The turn from there will only be known once we see it, but many good sci fi stories have been told about it.

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