Thursday, February 24, 2011

How long will it take for the globalists to destroy Everything?

How long will it take for the globalists to destroy everything?

This is the new big question.  Let me start over.....

The rulers of the world, being despot dictators like Gadafi or  technocrats like Brzezinski, have one solution for their problems.  Chaos.  The cloud will engulf the people while the man behind the scenes slips out the back.  At this point, Jack, it would be best to slip out along with them, but please remember, they have something of yours.  It is your freedom of choice.

The globalists have set up the dominoes long ago by brainwashing the whole world except for a select few.  Was it the people's fault for buying into it?  Yes.  Buy how could anyone help it?  I know, it is defeatist to say, which is why, in the end, it is our choice to continue this fascist way of life.

People could live without corporations.  The main reason that the Constitution of the United States of America seperated itself from prior documents is that it specifically seperated people from corporations.  Corporations had to renew contracts, people could continue to work without permit.

This needs to be reastablished.  Corporations are not people, even if the opposite is true.  A person should have the right to do whatever they want as long as no one else is impeded.  Yes, defining this is difficult, but that is what the courts are for.  First we need to rewrite the original piece of legislation.  We need to renew the Constitution.

Once the Constitution is reastablished, America and the world will bloom.  It is a for private corporation that issues the monie supply.  This could not happen under the first, the original constitution.

But so goes the day into the night, with civil unrest on every inch of the land.  The turmoil could stop if the people wanted it to.  It is for the people to decide their lives, not the corporations.  People are what they are waiting for.

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