Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Precious metals.............

    [shrug] smile.

What more can I say............

    [stretch] yawn.

Knowing gold is monie is a simplistic knowledge.  It is a fundamental theory of our ever broadening culture.  We accept a mind, a heart, and a body for what they are.  We like and appreciate items outside of ourselves as well, but above that is the person.  Still, the roles of our merits are established by a hierarchy.  The hierarchy's consistency is what happens to be in the real.  The weight of all things are at the whim of people, if we appreciate it or not.

If you gave a bag of Skittles to the average Joe they would thank you, rip the bag, and guzzle the dyed corn syrup down.  I would politely refuse, until you stopped offering.  There is no way I will treat my body with such visceral masochism.  The difference of the good is how it is used.  I would not use it.

So when it comes to precious metal, not only will everybody use the good as a commodity (thanks to today's technological advancements), but as money.  If you have gold, and someone is offering something for sale, you will accept that gold if it is the right amount.  You would accept it because you could turn and sell it to anyone else.  It is the most liquid means of monie because everyone and their mom will accept it as having value.

Price is dictated by dollars, and dollars are absolutely worthless.  What does that tell you about the price of all goods relative to gold?  Gold seems cheap to me, considering the housing bubble, Muni Madness, and failing fiat.  Gold may be expensive compared to a decade ago, but production has not yielded what it did back then either.  This is true for platinum as well.

Platinum has been let to appreciate, but it has much further to go.  First silver will make it back to $31, and gold to $1440.  I think silver will get there first, and gold should be to $1440 within two weeks.  Oil will still be hovering above one hundred (brent).  About oil, just to add, it is not being driven up by speculators, if anything, it is being held down!  This because the dollar is being propped up to support the weight of oil, which is the weight of the world.  Oil is the lifeblood of the economy, and if the dollar fails, the circulation stops.

No worries, we will start the heart once again, but with a conscious effort to keep it going for generations.  Fiat is not the way to trade energy and debt.  Getting a new way of currencie established will see trials and tribulations, but all things in life go through dynamic changes.  Money is a part of it.


  1. Very nice post! While I’d argue that the use of some goods is worth the ‘visceral masochism’ that comes from their use, Skittles definitely ain’t one of them.

    I have a genuine question for anyone with a genuine thought on this – what is an appropriate ratio for gold-to-silver? (FWIW, I’ve already seen plenty of people say it’s anything from 1:1 to 50:1, based on “history”…I’m not looking for that answer. There are ebbs and flows to history, what about the history we are living now?)

    What do you think is a fair assessment of the gold/silver ratio as we look into the near future, say over the next 10 years? I would love to hear the insights of someone who has thought about it.

    Best wishes to LH and best wishes to all reading this blog.

  2. Aw, shucks…it seems as though the gold/silver ratio question is a rhetorical one.