Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gold's new Support

Gold has found support at $1407 today after breaking through its previous $1403 resistance level.  There should be a big move in the next 24 hours, as gold will approach $1440, if not break away from it, by the weekend close.

Silver has still found support at $33, WTI is about to reach $105 while Brent has already broken from the way finance had priced it in.  Economics is pounding wood.  What could have gone so wrong?

Fiat is 100% overvalued.  It has no value, not even minimal.  The main question now is, how will contracts be kept?  Will the SDR save the dollar, if the Yuan or another "value" is added?  Will gold have to be made a debt payment for debt obligations by governments to save the Neo Keynesian system? 

Gold is monie, and if someone loans it, they better be ready to fight for its return.  Holding a goat, is better than holding a deed, and where will a goat get you?

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