Monday, February 21, 2011

Riders on the Storm

Gold just now broke the $1400 level with authority now that it has cleared $1403.  This was the move we have all been waiting for.  The next resistance level is $1440, and with silver appreciating with break neck speed, gold should not have trouble moving past that and onward to $1500...$1600...$1700...$1800...$1900...whatever.  The next move up will shock the world, which appears to have its head in the sand as to what gold is; it is monie..

The reason I am confident about the next move is that I have all my levels in check.  Oil is above $100, and with the Mid East erupting into civil war, oil will only become more expensive.  Platinum is long overdue for its next break, as it has been sitting above $1800 for some time now.  It was waiting on silver, and silver has broken out.  So now gold joins its team.  The next big break out starts now.

How much gold will be looted by the dictators as they flee their kingdoms?  How much cash will be thrown from helicopters in order to sedate the masses?  The monetary system is in total shock right now.  It was not, nor was it ever, prepared to deal with such instability, especially at the height of its duress.  Fiat is dead.

Nothing stands in the way of precious metals taking back their role as reserve currencie.  Fiat is dead and Keynesians are lying to themselves or everyone when they presume that printing hundreds of trillions of more dollars will lead to a renewed and established banking system.  The new leaders will be those who understand what monie really is.  The new leaders will be riders out in front of the storm.

It is hard to lead a charge.  It is hard to know what to do when one is ahead of the pack.  But we know what the future holds for humanity, and we must take control of ourselves and our lives.  Buy silver.

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