Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's getting Interesting

Things sure are turning hard and speeding up.  The next move will make the world wonder 'what has happened to finance when such enormous amounts of wealth are created and destroyed at such a whim?'  Silver is right back to its boiling point.  It is about to push to new recent highs.  Platinum has long been boiling over.  Brent has decoupled from WTI, which is the physical decoupling from the paper, as gold did in January.  Gold is a degree away.

The market broke its neck and died when Greenspan and Bernanke joined forces.  It had been laid to rest in the Fall of '08 after the housing bubble and equity bubble burst.  The next bubble is the dollar bubble and it will likely be an inverse collapse.  Corporate bond yields will fall, US Treasuries will rise, the dollar will become worthless and all currencies will have to be saved.

Gold and its sister metals will inherit the globe, as they should.  They are monie, and nothing else is.  Any finance will revolve around them like the earth to the sun.  As in nature, life.

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