Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The World Protests

Finally America and Europe have joined the world protests to eliminate usury from the system.  It is what is causing higher food prices.  It is what causes slave wages.  If we could take our monie back from the Central Banks I am certain we could share the resources well enough to all stand in equality.  Will it be a most difficult road?  Obviously, as equilibrium is hard to maintain.  But armed with our constitution, and our knowledge of human rights, I believe we can do anything.

Greece is back at it, and the Mid West of America is relentless in its protests of austerity.  Austerity is not the answer, the answer is ending the usuratory fiat system.  Once people stop paying the illegal Federal income tax, there will be enough monie freed up to do whatever we want.

I am not calling for a total end to America.  II think that a Federal government with minimal authority and a ceremonial Congress would be the best thing.  Everyone in America shares common memes and we should not forget that.  The Federal government should enforce foreign tariffs, and should guard our boarders.  This could be paid, as it is now, with the corporate tax.  The Federal income tax only pays the interest on the debt.  The debt is what is crushing our Republic, and we should rid ourselves of it and the banksters it rode in on.

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