Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt and Oil

Kissinger said, "Egypt is the key."  When referring to happenings, he is always cryptic.  What did he mean?  Is there a deeper motive behind the political musings of Kissinger?

How ironic that democracy started with Egypt.  Now once again, Egypt over throws its monarchy and establishes a democracy.  How much of a democracy is yet to be seen.  Back when they did it before, and expelled the Israelites, Moses or Ahkenaten depending on the language, the world was unmade by man.  Now there are other worlds at play.

I thought WTI would get to around $93 by now.  It may or may not right away.  One thing to note about all the finite resources is that they take turns moving up in price terms.  I think that Egypt is a cover to for the rising price of oil.  Yes the people are hungry and riot with cause, but I think the oilgarchs are being opportunistic.  They saw an uprising, and negotiated the terms.  They will continue to use the Middle East as propaganda for a rising cost of oil.  This is a front shop, as the price is due to decreasing supply (or at least a production plateau), rising demand, and inflation from the zero interest rates around the globe.  With Obama forcing regime change in Egypt "Now" anything could happen.  It appears Israel is going to be one of those anythings.

When Ahkenaten was forced out of Egypt, I am sure he was upset.  What followed was his only son was killed and another took his thrown.  By this time of course he was far away.  I am sure he cursed the Egyptians that forced him out.

Does the lineage of Ahkenaten remember this?  Do they still hold a grudge?  If this is true, it is very symbolic that Egypt has been thrown into chaos.  Whatever happens will be a key into understanding what the global politicians have in store.


  1. interesting perspective, i like it.

  2. If anyone wants to play the paper game, the best thing one can do buy is oil. USO or OIL seem to be good choices.


    The biggest thing for all to know is we have been starting-to/are just about to take-off-on: increased costs for needs, decreased costs for wants (that point has been beaten into my head ad naseum via ZH). But it would be difficult to sum it up more succinctly than that.