Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Ghost of Mubarak

What happens to a brutal dictator who does the bidding of the Neo Western Empire?  At his first refusal of an order he is removed.  His ghost now haunts history, as does other rulers, most presumably Ahkenaten.  What happened to the man before his story ended?

Mubarak had a firm grasp on Egypt during his whole rule, in part because he had the backing of the dollar.  Many dollars were invested in his regime.  These dollars were given to him to facilitate torture, among other atrocities.  The geography of Egypt is its next useful trait.  It has a huge river and coast and was a net exporter of oil.  It also has the Suez.  If it wasn't for these dollars investing in Egypts infrastructure, Egypt would have been nothing more than a large Panama.  And now that its oil has plateaued, all it has is the Suez.

Egypt now somewhat used up transitions into a new phase.  The first is strict military rule.  How long will it take to get a democracy, let alone a republic is uncertain.  They do not have many months to get their act together Before Bernanke's money printer raises the stakes at the table.

What must be done is a refusal to pay their bonds.  They must issue a new currencie backed by gold.  They must be self sustainable.  The final goal is a long way out, as all countries should benefit through trade, but Nation States must not partake in usury.  Usury ruins the State, and the purpose of the State is to benefit the people.

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