Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coming Down the Mountain

Are they leasing gold on a weak dollar?  It appears the sellers are waiting for the dollar to fall before they "sell", or rather "lease", gold.  This would be hilarious, because they would be taking gold hostage with the dollar as the weapon.  This is like someone robbing a liquor store with a water pistol.  If the exchanges are waiting for the price of the dollar to fall before they lease, they are costing both the dollar and gold.  Such a mishandling would surely be done on purpose, for if there is one thing the exchanges know how to do, is make monie.

COMEX and the LBMA lease gold.  That is their function.  They decide how much to lease (the gold) ahead of the day.  This schedule centralizes gold's movements.  Of course there are many variables, and price can move to and fro quickly, but when a price hits, the sale is made.

This is how the organizations, the cartels of COMEX and LMBA, make their profit handily.  They decide the price action up and down.  The kicker is they are highly leveraged on the physical bullion.  This leverage could cause a squeeze on the physical market.

The economy has been papered over, but paper can't stand the rain.  A storm is brewing on the horizon.  Bernanke has sailed a ship into it.  He fights the sea.  Heading for high ground is the strategy now.  Having one's belongings in tow is a necessity.

There will be a time when the storm has come and gone.  Such is life.  Coming down the mountain will be a joyous event to reestablish culture and attitude.  We will get away from the complacent ways that makes work and play distinct from one another, instead of knowing they are one and the same.  We will fill the world with blessed thoughts once again.

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