Sunday, February 20, 2011

Asia jump Platform

Whether precious metals move parabolic now or later is besides the point.  It will happen eventually.  For now, the stage is set for a complete up move in all precious metals and oil.  Fiat is struggling mightily, and governments are failing left and right.  Still the President's Working Group on Financial Markets will team with the House of John Pierpont Morgan to keep the lid on the pot.  This ends with the prices of precious metals boiling over.

Metals have traded strongly to this point and there is no reason to think otherwise will be the case in the future.     Asia trades them strong, it rides a strong Euro, and of course it trades when the dollar is sucking wind on its last gasps of breathe.

Yet here we stand, on the platform, ready for the jump off.  Platinum is at its recent high, and so is silver.  Gold is just a NY minute from being at its recent high, and oil has pushed up above $100.  The dollar is burning its nights away keeping Wisconsin solvent, and even they admit their time has come to pay their dues.  There is one solution though.

The banksters do not need to be paid.  Yes pensions will cease to exist if the banks are let to fail, but that money was never to be expected anyway.  The fiat system is one of lies, and lies should not be lived.  The time has come, and the moment is at hand.  Let us keep our protest peaceful, not lose our heads, and BTFD.

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