Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Walled Street Cyber Attacks

If there is to be a strike in America via Stuxnet, it is likely to happen on an exchange.  I think that Stuxnet would be the perfect proxy to blame for an economic crisis.  What if Stuxnet shut down the COMEX during trading?  How would anyone settle gold prices fairly (sarcasm)?  The crisis would be used as an opportunity to change the manipulation and to clamp down on markets.  It also may be too desperate an attempt to succeed.

I think the US and its allies have become increasingly desperate in their geo-political chess moves.  Ousting one blood thirsty dictator in Egypt is a bold but desperate move.  Now if Stiuxnet shuts down finance or another source (maybe the Internet itself) the economic crisis could take a final and decisive turn.

With currencies drowning in a sea of paper, the system is on the brink.  There will either be more chaos to pin the problems on, or the system collapses under its own weight.  Blame comes in handy for those in power.  e should be careful as to where the blame is pointed.

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