Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gold trades Well

Gold today traded on a strong Euro.  Other days it trades on a strong dollar.  This is rhetoric.  More than anything, fiat trades on gold, and the fiat are just crabs in a bucket.  Gold is a goose in the bucket.  Luckily the crabs have not noticed it is not like the others.  The goose's time to fly out is here.

Open contracts on silver are at a very important level.  60,000 are still open with ten days to go before people will stand for delivery.  The final number could lesson dramatically, or it may not.  With finance on fire, and fiat burning up, it is likely that those who take physical possession of their wealth in precious metal will make it out of the flames.

Gold is the most liquid form of trade.  Yes, the dollar is the largest market, and yes technically it is the most liquid, but we know it is worthless.  Gold and the Trinity of precious metals will rule finance once again, sooner than most think.

As of now, silver, platinum, and oil have all come to the doorstep of the next big move.  Gold is needing to be around $1400 to start the show.  The time may be up on the fiat ponzi.  What lays in store no one knows.

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