Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who will rescue the World?

America is bankrupt.  Europe is bankrupt.  China is pegged to these two.  What happens if the Middle East fails?

Certainly the IMF/World Bank would swoop in at the bequest of corporations.  Would this be an opportune time to create a world currencie?  The world will likely capitulate and adapt suchly, if the conditions are right.  The Muni market and housing market are on their heads.  It will not take much to get the world past the breaking point.

Everything is static, and even so much more when things are messed with.  Finance has been retarded by economics -if there is such a theory.  It will not end until economics is known as a fraudulent theory.

Another fraudulent theory is politics.  The Greeks had it right when they said he who does not want to serve should serve.  They never figured out how to do it, but hey, there's a start.  Hillary urges Iran, "Rise up!"  If she is against tyranny, she should resign.  America and the current Iranian regime are bed fellows in the scheme of things.

The merger of the corporations into politics is almost complete.  It may not last the night, but maybe this was all a game and the corporations are keeping score.   The NYX will now dictate global trade from a head quarters across the ocean.  This is a jewel in the crown of the corporations.

But like I said, the whole plan is doomed to fail.  People will no longer have the liesure to be so complacent, and consumerism will be a thing of the past.  There will always be room for entertainment, but price is now in ultimate flux.

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  1. "Another fraudulent theory is politics. The Greeks had it right when they said he who does not want to serve should serve."


    I also heard the converse: He who wants to be a politician is by definition in favour of BIG GOVERNMENT.