Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big cap digs in; Bernanke buys penny Stocks

Big cap corporate has balanced inflation with unnoticeable success.  Today, it was Disney that took the baton.  Disney is up 5% in the last two days.  Soon it will be another Dog of the Dow to bring home the bacon.

While the world shakes, rattles, and kicks the can down the road, Bernanke is taking it easy with his feet on his desk and a cigar in his mouth.  He bought the F'n dip this morning and his semi conductors are doing fine, thank you very much.  From across the sea Shirakawa sleeps with his ETF portfolio tucked safely under his mattress.

These two along with other fascists are hoping their printing presses will roll the debt into corporate equity, and corporate bonds.  Krugman is not shy in saying the firms will rise after the dust clears the economic landscape.  With equities rising on the weak dollar, should anyone be surprised the end result may be a corporate empire?

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