Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lights, camera, Action!

The action on the exchanges today are telling.  The dollar is in full capitulation, but because only some monie understands true finance, the markets remain highly volatile.  The market is slowly remembering precious metals act as monie, and nothing else does.

The chant to end the dollar is deafening.  As of now the only viable option is gold, but these does not please the financiers.  They want a new currencie, or the SDR, to have unlimited elasticity and so they can not have a pure gold standard.  Gold eliminates usury because it is nothing more than a certain amount, and can not be asked to be more.

All eyes are on gold, but it has very few backers.  People will call it down until it reigns over finance once again, like it did only forty years ago.  Until then, there will be many top calling trolls, especially the higher it goes.  But until it is known for what it is, monie, jealousy will not affect it.  Only once it captures its throne should one worry about a bubble, as only once the top is made can it fall.

There will be a time when gold loses a lot of value, but it will not be for at least ten years.  The gold bull will run through the dubious finance practices of the last hundred years like in a porcelain shop.  Why the bull was brought to the shop I do not know, but it was, and there goes the porcelain. 

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