Monday, February 7, 2011

Recent Weak Yuan Activity

The recent action in the currency market has been dictated by a weak Yuan.  This move happens when the Yuan slacks, and could be based on loose Chinese monetary policy such as a small increase in lending.  Of course this goes against the trend of an appreciating Yuan, and also against the interests of the US Federalista Banking Cartel.

Like every trade there are two sides.  The weak yuan is the dollar bouncing like water off of rocks; after a moment of air the water will be moving down the earth again.  Gravity makes it so, and gravity is a strong force.  But there is a stronger force. 

Monie acts as a current of energy, how ironic that these precious metals can do so in real life.  Technology has made precious metal a necessary commodity, and this adds to its worth.  The world that humanity has created  relies on precious metal.  This will now be so always.

Gold trades well on a weak yuan/strong dollar because it allows fiat currencie to buy more precious metal-the stronger purchasing power also causes precious metals to appreciate because more people are buying them with their strong dollars.

Of course this game of monopoly does not end with a strong fiat currency.  Bernanke wants a weaker dollar, Merkle..I mean Trichet, wants a weaker Euro, and Shirakawa wants a weaker Yen.  Soon China will have a "strong" Yuan.  Precious metals will enjoy the ride.

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