Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brave New Future

The "Republicans" ie Karl Rove, are scaring the Democrats away from Ron Paul.  The perspective of the Democrats is one that is in control of society.  They are the nannies of the culture.  So when they Republicans are saying Ron Paul is crazy, then he has to be.

This is of course a false proposition.  The Democrats have nothing over any other league of politicians that use the fiat money system combined with  Neo Keynesian theory.  Also, why should what the republicans feel about Ron Paul sway ones opinion.  Paul's voting record is more similar to DeFazio and Kucinich than any others.  Ron Paul's voting record is what should decide his merit, and Paul has the most democratic possible.

Paul has not supported war throughout America's regime as the hegemonic military leader of the post industrial era.  This technocratic era has been dominated by the Military Complex, which although industrial, is a mere technocratic and strategic tool.  There has been little need to keep boots on the necks of the third worlds.  The need for oil and leisure was not too great  to afford real compassion.  With a little planning a few decades ago, the world could have been made sustainable.  The sad fact of the matter is, it is a little late in the game.

Yet the game could be ended with the drop of a hat.  This usuratory system is crippling nature, with us included.  Establishing State banks backed with real monie will end the fiat system, thus removing the leeches from peoples wealth.

Wealth is measured in things.  If you do not agree, go sit as a Monk on a temple.  Otherwise, we will trade.  Monie is what we use.

Monie has a remarkably complex definition, due to the fact that it must fit four categories.  If only one of those categories is not met, whatever the item was con not be used as the i) Medium of exchange  ii)  Store of wealth  iii))  It must be fungible  ii ii)  Standard of deferred payment.  It must have value.

The fact that economists do not ascribe to these rules is alarming.  How could a theory such as fiat ever exist when we know that the item must store wealth?  Luckily we have not been tricked long, as it has only been 40 years since Nixon completely rid the world of the gold standard.  At least officially.

Still today gold sits in Central Bank vaults.  Why?  The obvious answer is that it is still used as an asset on their bank sheets.  In fact it is the loan of first recourse.  It is the proprietary loan.  It starts the fiat ponzi rolling.

So gold then is still the standard.  So what happens when there is more deflation and more destruction of debt?  An asset must rise, and the only one left standing now that Keynesians have destroyed credit the world over, is gold.  Amidst the storm, gold sank to the bottom of the sea.  Because we know what it is proverbially we know where it is located on the oceans crust.  It is time the United States of America take the gold back.

Trouble is, there may be no gold in the vaults.  Some vaults that have been audited have no gold standing (and silver and platinum too).  Most bank vaults have never been audited.  What would happen if they were audited?  Spot gold would sky rocket, and credit would be further destroyed.

We face a brave new future.  We have made many achievements in our day and these things will be tools for a time to come.  We have harnessed energy like no creature before; we are the fire bearers.  This achievement must not be over looked, but should not be understated.  This power has brought us to the edge of darkness.

Luck may be our best friend, yet we should seek not its fortune.  We may invent further technology, but here and now, we have no energy source to replace the continuing depletion of oil reserves.  The oil reserves will peak production soon, if the haven't already.  This will change depending on the advancements of battery power.  The burden will lesson with the advancements of  energy sources such as solar.  But because the problem has not only been ignored but not even comprehended properly, there will be a dramatic change with the world culture.

War is the only thing standing in the way of a functioning society post fiat.  Living standards will change, but what does that mean anyway.  America will become  farmers once again.  Agriculture  is America's future.  Europe is well situated as they are connected to the Mid East oil  farm, but how sustainable will they live?  We will find out.  Africa has begun to understand how to organize itself, but war and disease still plague their  many States.  South Africa will likely bloom; they have the resource base as North America, and an infrastructure that rivals Asia.  Asia appears it will be sustainable, but how much will living standards appreciate?  Most likely wealth will be created slowly, and over time.

It will be interesting to see how the new governments of the world shape up.  It will be hard for China to move away from the technocratic era, and it will be difficult for the third world's to gain achieve value.  They are burdened with huge groups of completely impoverished people.  The wealth gap may be similar if not worse in America, but America will most likely feed itself, if only that.

The only thing that stands in the way is war and a tried lock down of the State.  That is why it is important to impeach all politicians and renew the Republic.  Of course this is unlikely to happen before the crash of the fiat system, scheduled for any year now.  People will most likely not take over the monie supply before the corporate interests loot the whole and entire financial system, but that is why we discuss it.  Those of us who understand the problem of fiat are the only hope.  As cheesy as it sounds, it is true.


  1. Thanks for continuing to post Jimi. I read your stuff every day.

  2. There's one simple axiom that the neo-classical economics chooses to ignore:

    'Value does not exist outside the consciousness of mankind'.

    The entire field of economics has to stem from this one statement, yet this is thrown out.

    Value is quantified arbitrarily, when the whole concept is purely subjective and comes under the whims of human nature.

    Truth stands by itself and it will, one day.