Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yesterday someone I know from Africa informed me Algeria would be holding protests today (they are, good source).  He also said Morocco would be next to protest.  With North Africa lined up to jump start the revolution, it surely is coming down the pike.

What I hope to see is the first worlders (sound like flat earthers) join in the party.  Greeks had protested, surely to no avail, but now maybe they can achieve something.  I also think it is time for the Irish to mass protest.  It is time to stop paying the IMF/World Bank our labor!

Europe and America better not sit from the sidelines on this one.  I do not mean they should start telling Africa how to protest, I mean they should protest with them.  We all know that it is monetary policy that is causing rising food prices.  We all know that economics has no room for real input costs (considering finite resources).  We should join the protests and overthrow the fascist governments of the world, all of them.


  1. Here, here, chaos and anarchy for all.............

  2. Anarchy has a broad definition. I prefer to think that people can govern themselves quite well when done so in small groups. It appears when government gets large it tends to dominate any debate between the people. The people should not look out what is in the best interest of the government, but act towards what is the best interest of the people.

  3. Exactly Mr. Hendrix... Government creates chaos. And the sheep call for more government.

  4. This statement has been issued by the voluntary group which has been working for the last 18 days in Tahrir Square to reflect the wishes of the Egyptian people. The group comprises members of the youth divisions of the Revolution and individual "wise men and women" of the movement experienced in law and in political policy. No members of the group represent any political party or creed. The group works within the committee structures which have evolved in Tahrir Square.

    It has been issued to the press in Cairo in Arabic in the last hours: this translation provided by the Youth Division and by Group members.

    The Statement has been provided to the High Military Council and a response is awaited.


    We are the People of Egypt. We have returned sovereignty over its land, its destiny and its resources back to us. The 25th January Revolution erupted as a civilian and popular revolution and with the sacrifices of its martyrs achieved success in abolishing the former corrupt system and removing its leaders. The Revolution must be continued as a peaceful revolution until victory in achieving all of its goals and decisions as follows:

    1) Abolition of the Emergency Laws immediately

    2) The immediate release of all political prisoners

    3) Abolition of the present Constitution and its Amendments

    4) The dissolution of both Houses of Parliament and of the Local Councils

    5) The establishment of an interim Presidential Ruling Council that has 5 members - 1 member of the military and 4 independent and respected figures with popular support. All of these people will be barred from participation in the coming Presidential Elections.

    6) Formation of an interim government to administer the country pending elections. The government shall be formed of independent national figures who don't belong to specific parties or movements. This interim government shall manage the affairs of the country and prepare for a general election at the end of the interim period which shall not exceed 9 months. No member of this interim government shall go forward for election in the general election.

    7) Formation of an Establishing Council to draw up a new constitution which conforms to the most respected democratic constitutions internationally, in conformity with all international charters on Human Rights. The draft Constitution shall be put to a popular referendum within 3 months of formation of the Council.

    8) Freedom to establish political parties operating on a civilian and peaceful basis without obstacles or conditions: parties may be established by presenting themselves as such.

    9) Freedom of media and free information exchange.

    10) Freedom to establish Trade Unions and non-governmental organisations.

    11) Abolishing all military and exceptional Courts and all the laws and regulations that have been applied to civilians through these Courts.

    12) We call upon the patriotic Egyptian army, the son of this great people, to protect the blood of its people and the security of the State in this great Revolution, to declare its full adoption of all the decisions and requirements of the Revolution and to stand totally with the Revolution.

  5. Thank you for this. DCON. Everyone's true colors are purely blinding right now.