Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manipulation Mania!

The far reaching effort of the globalists is snatching the goods out of every pocket and cashing in.  The regime change in Egypt is in full swing, gold manipulation is in full swing, and so is the fiat ponzi in full swing.  Now is a major turning point in history.

The daily gold dump was once again made happen by proxy of the COMEX and the Major US Banks.  This is nothing new.  The manipulation will go on until it won't.  Gensler and his Goldman Team will stop at nothing to drain the gold pool dry.

The spook Number Two from Egypt will now be firmly placed into the throne, but his reign will not last.  Egypt knows as we do this is a game of musical chairs.  It will not be a few more months until the Muslim Brotherhood establish a regime in the Middle East, most likely starting in Egypt.

The debt ceiling will be raised like the effigy at Burningman, only to be sacrificially burned at the end of the festivities.  The dollar had a good run, especially considering it never had any worth to begin with.  This is like someone becoming a fan of Lindsey Lohan only to realize she is just like everyone else, except good looking.

The people of the world will be rattled to find out the lies, bu the truth is a healer.  It will take time, but people will realize reality was papered over.  Oil and precious metals are about to rise drastically in the wake of the soon approaching full capitulation of the pseudo science of economics.

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