Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Platinum crosses the Rubicon

Platinum is trading between $1865 and $1830 right now.  This is a huge range!  The fact that it has so much volatility should remind everyone one type of market we are in; a volatile one.

I an still waiting on gold to get up to $1440, but oil and silver are right where I want them.  Once gold springs to its recent highs the boats will be fully loaded.  Finance will embark on the new economy soon.  Reliance will be on precious metals to exchange energy, as monie.


  1. * Pt @ ^$1700 reminds me of Ag @ ^$17.00.
    * Au is the king, Pt the queen. (The other pieces -- rooks,bishops, and knights haven't been identified, yet.)
    * Thanks for your blogging, LH. I am a fan.

  2. Agreed, platinum is about to make the move silver did last fall.

    Real means royal, and these are real monies!

    Thank you for your support.