Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Platinum takes Off

Platinum had been still above $1800 like a spider on prey.  Something may have just tripped the wire, and that something is time.  The other levels were set and the trap sprung.  Platinum will lead out ahead of gold, silver, oil, ahead of the dollar and all fiat for the last lap of the race to the bottom.

Platinum's production plateaued in '09.  That is a long time when demand continues to surge.  It is not used as bullion as much as it is an industrial.  It is hard to mine, it only grows with sister metals, and is more rare than silver.  Platinum, like silver and gold, is indestructible and lasts for basically ever.  It too is the perfect wealth preserver.

How many races until the masses catch on and the average Joe owns precious metal?  Well, the time may have dawned on the silver market.  Demand for silver is higher than ever.  Gold is the popular one when it comes to using it as monie, but platinum may have its time next.

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  1. LH,
    Pt could touch off a parabolic exponential blow off mania for the monie metals. All that is missing is a simple foolproof assay method.