Friday, February 25, 2011

Waiting on Gold

Platinum was in its "breakout range" long ago.  This range is $1800 to $1850, bottom to top.  After that, it is up to $2200.  Silver has also broken out of its old range, and looks poised to make significant gains on huge demand and supply problems.  Oil is out of the barrel, literally.  And so gold is the last to make it out alive.  It will, and we wait.

Gold is back in its range of $1400 and it will only take back to back up days to get it to $1440, at which point it and the other horsemen will besiege finance and rip apart the paper money system.  Precious metal is monie, and it will trade for oil better than anything.  It would now, if paper was not veiling the eyes of the world.  Soon it will not, and precious metal will take their place back as sole proprietor.

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