Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Proxy's Silver Proxie

Last year I had a revolation.  In April upon hearing just how many shorts the House of John Pierpont Morgan had against silver I called them out.  I specifically targeted JPM and said by buying silver we could force them to take their positions off.  I also said it would happen enevitably, because silver demand is rising industrially.  I said, by mid summer, the paper price of silver will capitulate, and silver would reach $36 by the winter solstice.

I made this call based on a few things.  First the prices of platinum, gold, and oil must be taken into account, and those movements were charted.  Then I decided that silver was the easiest for us to buy, and the easiest for JPM to short.  I thought this because silver is so cheap.  Once silver is not cheap, which is wasn't when it passed $21, JPM no longer wanted to short it.

Still though there are silver shorts, and there are many being held by JPM.  They have lifted some, but those have been replaced, some by China and some by other proxy banks (which I assume have direct funding from the PDs, or the President's Working Group on Financial Markets itself).  Still, these entities burn fiat at their sacred alter.  How much longer will they?

This is not how I came up with the slogan to 'Buy silver' though.  That happened before I realized exactly what was going to happen with the silver market.  I wanted to people to buy silver because I was worried that the government would confinscate gold.  I thought it up after reading The Wizard of Oz.  Silly as that might be, the silver slippers I put on worked just fine, and I encourage you to click your heels three times too.  There is no place like home.

That being said, even though I am a couple months behind, my price target of $36 is still in line.  It will be here by the Spring Equinox.  This last move should rip the heart of those who short silver right from their chests.  The Fed et al have many other problems they are facing, and only one of which is silver.  Besides, economists want a weak dollar, so a rise in the price of silver will make that happen.

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