Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bernanke is Cornered

If he in fifteen minutes raised the interest rate, this would show weakness in the Fed's ability to control, or rather, manipulate prices.  This weakness would mean that money would flow to gold, which is real monie, because what else is there?  Gold is the world's reserve currencie by default, because all of the Central Banks hold it as collateral.  It is gold that backs the financial system, despite rhetoric.

If Bernanke raised interest rates, the gig would be up.  There would be such a panic that the whole financial system could capitulate.  What would be left?  Ashe and gold.

Raising the interest rate would instantaneously bankrupt the US Treasurie, which would end the dollar's rule.  Then the IMF and World Bank would be called in.  The US gold reserves would be used as collateral to support the SDR/bancor.  This is what the financier banksters will try to do.

This effort appears to me to be all for nought.  If the financial system can not keep itself together under bank rule, why should we continue this system?  I think it will be obvious to the world.  I think that Federal Governments will be passe.  I think State banks will take hold of the system.  It will be a whole new world, one where usury is absent.

Usury is the only thing to blame the failure on.  We can scapegoat as many people as we want, but the problem lies in usury.  The dollar be definition of its fiat nature is nothing but a tool of usury, as the dollar holds no value and only stands as an IOU.  The dollar is numbered, and this usaritory system with it.

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